Data recovery software for personal and business use

Every computer users knows, from advanced to novice users alike, that backing up your most important files and other important documents is one of the most basic things every PC user must do. Be it just personal files like music, photos, notes, and others, one should always have a backup plan for all their files.
Losing data is a threat to all users; even advanced PC users are still prone to this. Normally, losing data is due to human error where the user accidentally deletes the file or document, or accidentally renaming it and then forgetting which folder is was saved to where searching for it via file name would not yield any good results especially if you have tons and tons of similar files. 
easeus data recovery software
One good thing is that you can use a data recovery software to recover all your lost files and other important documents. With this software you will be able to recover files such as photos, music, documents and other important data that you need recovered. It’s a very easy to use tool, with just a few simple clicks you will be able to recover those lost vacation photos you accidentally deleted to make space for that new video files you downloaded from some video sharing website. You can avoid having your spouse, girl/boyfriend, or friends being angry with you because you lost the documentation for those precious memories you experienced during your vacation to Hawaii or that weekend in Las Vegas.

Usually, data recovery software are paid apps and you will have to dish out your hard earned cash if you want to use their recovery software and get back those lost files that you need for next week’s presentation and avoid getting fired from your job due to your error. But thanks to EaseUS, they also offer a free data recovery software that you can use to your hearts content. With this free tool, you will be able to recover data due to deleting, formatting, partition loss, or system failure. you can recover almost any file, be it photos, music, mp3s, and other data the user might deem important and need to recover. And one most the most important thing is that this tool is very easy to use, even novice PC users will be able to recover their lost files and data with just a few simple clicks. this tool is available for free to both PC and MAC users, although MAC users will have to download a different version of this free tool and use the version that is compatible to Apple computers like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMacs.
One of the neat features their free data recovery software offers is that the tool can also help you perform data recovery on SD cards. Since they are very easy to carry and you can use them on just about any device, it is also very easy to accidentally lose the files in these cards due to data corruption or deletion. There are tutorials on how to perform sd card recovery, out there to help you with the recovery process using data recovery tools making the recovery of your lost data easier.


You can Call and Talk to any Mobile for free for over 64 Minutes Every day to any Mobile in India.
  • Site2Sms.Com is first Web Portal which offers Free TEXT SMS, VOICE SMS & VOICE CALLS.
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How Does it work?
Site2SMS.Com will Call to the Mobile Number which you have entered First and as soon as it is answered, they will call to your mobile and after answering it you both will be able to talk to each other for free over 120 Seconds continuously.

How to do it:
  1. Visit Site2Sms
  2. Login or Register
  3. Click on Send sms Tab on top and choose Live Voice Call
  4. Click Dial number
  5. Dial mobile number and click call Button
  6. Click Yes connect my call
  7. First Site2sms will connect your friend’s mobile then your mobile……….You will be able to talk for 2 mins

Note:- You can’t call to DND registered numbers,

How to Share Your Screen with Facebook Friends

It may be you have shared your computer screen with a friend before by using different apps and methods. But have you ever needed to share your computer screen with a Facebook friend, or vice versa? If you never shared your screen with a friend and wish to share then follow below mentioned tips and tricks to share your computer screen with your facebook friend.

There’s a very interesting and new Facebook app that makes it easy for the users of Windows and Mac OS X (10.6+) to do so. The name of this screen sharing app is Deskhop.

No doubt, there are several of third-party applications, extensions and computer tricks are available that can do the same thing, but Deskhop app connects very quickly with other friend’s screen and works with your Facebook account.
How to Share Your Screen with a Facebook Friend Using Deskhop

(1) Firstly, log-in to your facebook account and then click here to go on Deskhop app page.

(2) Now click on the “Go to App” blue button. A new window will appear, here you will have to agree to their Privacy Policy and EULA, and the option of “Email me from time to time about deskhop”. After agreeing the both option click on “Start deskhopping” button.
Note: Your friends (friends along with you want to share your screen) will have to do this as well, if they haven’t used Deskhop app before.

(3) Its time to choose friend to share your screen, or vice versa. You can find by browsing via your friends list or searching for special friend by name. Here you can also see that your selected friend is online or not.
choose friend to share your screen
(4) Now you’ll have to decide with whom you want to share your computer screen or see your friend’s computer screen. When you will select a friend you both will get the option to share control of the computer. If you will choose “control their screen” then your friend will get a Facebook request from you, which they’ll have to accept and grant you to access their computer screen. 
(5) After choosing the control screen, you both will be asked to download the Deskhop program to your computer. This Deskhop program allows your computers to connect automatically (Don’t worry this is a completely safe program) with each other.
When you will finish the use of Deskhop program, it will be automatically removed (deleted) from your computer and your friend’s computer too. It means you have to download it again and again whenever you will wish to share your screen with a friend.

(6) When you will open the program (which you have downloaded in above step) on your computer then you will see a window allowing you to know that it’s waiting for your friend to open the downloaded program on their computer.
Once your friend will open the program, Deskhop connects instantly and now you will be able to see your friend’s screen, or they can see your computer screen (it depends on which option you have chosen – “Share my screen” or “Control their screen” in step 4).

You are free to control each other’s screens as your requirement just by clicking within the preview window. If you wish to stop your screen sharing process then you can easily disconnect at any time. One thing must keep in your mind that once the program is closed, it will be automatically deleted from your computer and to connect again with a friend you will have to download the program again.

If you want to help any of your friends or take help from your friend then I will recommend you to use Deskhop app. The app works with your facebook account, so it will be more easily for you to use this app because all most people have facebook account.

Feel free to share your view with us about this super easy screen sharing Deskhop app. To know more tips and tricks, facebook tips and latest updates check out our Facebook Tips section here.

Create a Public Folder Where Anyone Can Add Files

Dropbox and SkyDrive allow you to have “Shared Folders” where a folder is shared between all members of the group. Any member can contribute files to the shared web folder and such a thing is ideal for collaborative efforts like for sharing photos with guests after an event. People can view photos uploaded by other users as well as upload their own to the shared folder.

A limitation with these “shared folders” is that the folder owner must invite a user before he or she can add files to the folder.

OneTimeBox, a web app that went live at the recently concluded MIT hackathon (coding contest),  takes a different approach to shared folders. The app creates a disposable, public web folder where anyone can add files as long as they know the unique URL of your shared folder.

There’s no registration required and neither do you have to invite anyone as a contributor. Just share the URL of your folder with friends and they’ll have full access – including delete permissions – to the files in that folder.

OneTimeBox is built using Meteor.js and the source code can be found on Github. Internally it uses the Filepicker API which uses the Amazon S3 service for storing files in the cloud. The app is neatly designed though you cannot add file to the shared folder from your mobile devices.

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