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Top 5 Office Chairs for Hackers and Programmers

Popular YouTuber MKBHD using Herman Miller Embody. 
Hacking and programming can be as strenuous as working in manual labor. In some ways, it's even worse since the human body works better in an environment where the body has chances to not only rest but also move.

Programming, hacking, writing, gaming--you name it, the body is mostly in stasis and this is where muscles, joints, and ligaments start to get stale and cramp. If you've sat in an office chair for more than 10 hours, you know that it can be pretty painful during the last few hours. But sometimes, you have no choice, because whether your back, butt, or neck like it--it's crunch time.

So while sitting down isn't really the best thing for your body, there are ways to lessen that damage by sitting in a chair that enforces good posture and supports your body so your muscles don't get unnecessarily stressed in bad unergonomic positions.

Some people even recommend standing all day, but I've tried that and it hurts my knees. Although, a sitting/standing desk can be a great addition combined with an ergonomic chair.

So which chairs are good for programmers, hackers, and gamers?

Recommended features:

The more adjustable the chair is, the better it will be for long term comfort. Since everyone has a different body type, you need to be able to customize your chair so it has the right seat length for your legs, it hits you in the right spot in your back, and it will be high enough for your legs.

The more expensive the chair, the better number of adjustments and longevity the chair will have. This list is from most recommended to the best chairs I could find for the price.

1. Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap is probably the most well-known chair off this list--and for good reason. It's commonly purchased in bulk for high-end offices that value their worker's productivity. The reason is that the chair is super ergonomic and long lasting. It's not uncommon for these chairs to stretch past 10-year warranties. My first Steelcase Leap lasted 17 years!!!

The chair has lumbar support, super adjustable arms, a comfortable padded yet flexible back piece, a seat that adjusts when you lean back depending on the pressure you put on it (it doesn't just tilt, it actually moves the seat back where the seat moves forward--whereas cheaper chairs have the seat panel tilt in accordance with the back),

If you want the best of the best, the Steelcase Leap is it. You'll just have to have a stable job since the chair can be a big investment (but worth it since they last forever).

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2. Steelcase Amia

The Steelcase Amia is in many ways the Steelcase Leaps' younger and cheaper brother. While it lacks some of the advanced tilting functions, the Amia is still a very respectable office chair since it has lumbar support, the ability to recline, a super padded seat, and the same type of adjustable arms. It's a VERY good office chair, but not as popular as the Leap. 

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3. Ergohuman Chair 

The Ergohuman Chair is probably the weirdest looking chair on this list, but it's also one of the coolest and most unique office chairs that I would recommend. The reason is that the back panel is made up of two parts that can be raised or lowered depending on how you find them comfortable. 

This super-adjustable chair also has great mesh construction perfect for breathability, and it's one of the few high-end office ergonomic chairs that comes with a headrest without an additional add-on cost.

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4. Alera Chair

Quite a bit cheaper than the previously mentioned chairs, the Alera chair is one of the best-reviewed budget chairs on Amazon to date. The reason is that the chair has a number of high-end adjustments to customize the chair to your body, and the mesh construction balanced by a comfortable seat pad with a waterfall edge to reduce pressure on your legs can't be beaten for the Alera chair's affordable price. 

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5. OFM Posture Series

If you want a chair around the $100 price tag, the OFM Posture Series is second only to the Alera in terms of adjustments. Adjustments are super important since you need to make sure the chair fits your individual body--whether tall, short, heavy or skinny. The OFM Posture series lets you adjust the back as well as some other basic functions. 

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