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What are the Top 10 Best VPNs?

When looking for a great VPN, you have to look at the options that are out there for your needs. It doesn't matter if you're "hacker level" or even "entry level", you need to use a VPN to encrypt your traffic from snoopers, ISPs, and even services that just hate you having your own privacy. Here are ten great options for you to look into when finding a quality VPN for your needs.


TorGuard is an option that works well for BitTorrent users and others aiming to get past geographic blocks. TorGuard offers thousands of VPN servers from all parts of the world and uses its own stealth proxy. It can handle up to five connections as well. It does have a bit of a bulky interface though.
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Another choice to see is GhostVPN, an option that offers a great setup where you can use 256-bit encryption when getting online. It offers more than 600 servers around the world and offers unlimited traffic. This can only be used on one device at a time with one’s account so it is important to manage how well the arrangement works. It costs extra to get access to an account that can support up to five devices at a time.

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PIA is a very affordable option that offers a useful setup that doesn’t take much time for anyone to get working. This is designed with an arrangement that is carefully organized and offers plenty of technical controls. It is best for those who are more experienced with the specific technical aspects of getting a VPN ready as the client is rather complicated to most.

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IPVanish is a very private solution that includes no logs and has a VPN kill switch on its client. This helps to control leaks and to prevent exposed connections from being found. It also has mobile apps for all kinds of operating systems and is very easy to use. However, it is a United States-based company so it could be easy for some data to be exposed depending on what one does with it.

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ExpressVPN works with a strong encryption setup and no usage logs. It has servers in nearly a hundred different countries. It also has great apps and desktop programs alike to make it easier for people to get all sorts of connections handled. However, ExpressVPN does have some connection logs and only works with up to three simultaneous connections.

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VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is an option that is best for people who travel regularly. It offers consistent VPN support features that operate in many parts of the world. It works with a large number of connections at a time and uses 256-bit encryption to keep it working. It also offers ad-blocking support to keep connections running quickly. This does cost a little more money to use and the servers are relatively inconsistent in terms of how fast different connections can be.

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Another choice to see is WindScribe, a program that uses both a VPN setup and an in-browser program that works on most operating systems. It makes configuring the VPN easy to follow. It also has a good arrangement that is not too hard to read. It is best to use the most recent types of operating systems or browsers to make it work though.

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Astrill VPN

Designed with BitTorrent use in mind, Astrill VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and works in a variety of locations. It offers full protection and uses routers to help make it easier for content to be secured and reviewed as needed. This is very easy to use without being complicated but it often works better when a separate router from Astrill is used at the same time. It does cost extra to get this feature organized.

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AirVPN is useful for offering VPN support with no traffic or time limits. It uses a variety of protocol options and uses only the fastest possible servers from a great variety of countries. However, it only works with up three simultaneous connections on an account at a given time. It also costs more than most other services unless an annual plan is used.

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The last option to see is CactusVPN, a system that allows people to access sites from many countries without having to change settings. It works on any devices and is especially great for use on video game consoles. It only uses servers in six countries though. Those servers at least work at 1 Gbps in speed and are guaranteed to be secure.
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