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How to Watch Game of Thrones Outside the US

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Winter is coming as the seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will start airing on July 16, 2017. You can easily get online to watch it through a subscription to HBO and access to the HBO Go app. But even with that, you would have to spend at least $15 a month to get access to HBO and another $15 for the HBO Go app. Of course, you could also use Sky TV or Foxtel among other services but even those may cost extra.
What’s more concerning is that you won’t be able to use the HBO Go app or other programs that let you watch Game of Thrones unless you live in the United States or another spot where such programs can be used in. Fortunately, there is a way around it as you can catch Game of Thrones even if you are outside the US. Best of all, it won’t cost as much to do as you might think.
You can use a VPN to get access to the entire series. As you use a VPN, you will get out of all the geographic restrictions that keep you from accessing HBO, Sky TV, Foxtel or other services that allow you to watch Game of Thrones.
What’s even better is that you can use an alternate option for catching Game of Thrones. With a VPN, you can get access to torrent sites that help you to watch the show without worrying about subscribing to HBO or getting access to some outside app that costs money. You can also get access to the HBO Now app through a VPN in the event that a torrent cannot work where you are.
A VPN Makes It Easy For Torrents To Work
With a VPN, you will get online by listing yourself anonymously. This works as your IP address will be hidden. This allows you to get online anywhere without worrying about your identity being stolen. Your personal information will be heavily encrypted as well.
This is an efficient and easy to handle setup. It only costs a few dollars for you to get access to a VPN each month too with no added cost to get onto a VPN server. Still, you will have to watch for how a torrent works. Depending on where you go, a torrent service may be off limits to you where you are.
Which VPN should you use? I would recommend checking out TorGuard. Check out this TorGuard Review.
What About Subscribing To HBO Now?
If you cannot get to a torrent then you can always use a VPN to reach HBO Now from outside the US. With this, you can download a proper HBO Now app on your mobile device or Roku box. You will have to sign up for it while using the proper zip code for the American server that you are getting access to.
Check on the US server you are on and then search for a proper zip code linked to the area that the server is in. As you sign up for HBO Now, enter in the zip code that you are accessing it from. After taking care of the payment information, you should be able to get access to the app. As a result, you can catch Game of Thrones and all the other things HBO has to offer.

Whether it entails a torrent or HBO Now, it will be easy for you to catch Game of Thrones if you’re outside the US. Make sure you look at how well a VPN can work for it.

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