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How to increase or boost torrent download speed

How to increase or boost your torrent download speed more than 100% that means if you are currently getting 100kbps after given settings y...
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Facebook wall flooder hack

Facebook WALL Flooder By How to flood your friends wall: 1)sign in to your facebook account 2)Open the wall of the ...
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Install Windows Xp in 10 minutes

How to Install Windows In Just 10 minutes?? As We all know that During Formatting a Computer After the File Copying is Completed then window...
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How To Lock Drive In Windows

How to lock drive in Windows XP and other versions. There are several ways to lock the drive in windows but as a Hacker i always prefer the ...
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How to send Sms from friends mobile to any number

Today i will tell you how to send anonymous SMS i.e. How to send SMS from any mobile number to any mobile number that means how to send SMS ...
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How to delete someone else facebook account

This tutorial is education purpose only, once deleted profile can never be recovered. This is an extreme example of Social Engineering techn...
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