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Hack Facebook,Gmail,Yahoo and Twitter account with Backtrack 5

In this tutorial i'm going to show you how to hack Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo,Twitter etc..,account.

Just follow the steps it is very simple

Fire up your BACKTRACK machine. (Download Here)

Now open BT5 terminal and type "ifconfig" press Enter, you will get your IP address see below image

copy that IP Address

In second step type "cd /pentest/exploits/set" like me in below picture

Now after step 2 type" ./set" like me in below picture

Enter your choice:2 to select WebSite Attack Vectors like me in below picture

Now select Tabnabbing Attack Method by entering choice 4.

Now select Site Cloner by entering choice 2.

It will ask you to clone the website. For this example i'm going to clone
if you want you can type or any website you like.

Now press enter to continue

My IP is (see first image)

To make your IP trustworthy make it look like URL go Here type your IP there and make it short.

send this page (short URL) to your victim via email or chat. When your victim opens your link the page looks like below image.

Now when your victim enter his ID and password and click login it will redirect him to the real URL page.

Now go back to your terminal and you will see his ID and password.

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  1. iam using backtrack in virtual box. if i send the ip login page is not opened in another system. what should i do



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