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How to Watch Content without Netflix in 2016

Netflix in 2016 has been a roller coaster. Just yesterday, the company announced Q2 earning reports at a 15% loss. While it's hard to say the exact reasons why this is--whether because more competition has been creating good content and similar offerings (HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video) or if it has to do directly with unsettled international customers canceling their Netflix subscriptions since the dreaded inception of the Netflix proxy error.

As you may know, it's becoming increasingly common to get errors while trying to access Netflix. We already made an article on how to bypass Netflix with VPN earlier this year, but since then--there have been new developments. Namely, Netflix has become hard ass, and even the best VPNs for Netflix are having trouble keeping up with new IP addresses that aren't blacklisted.

At this time, Netflix has to have a full time working on this issue preventing new VPN / Proxy IPs from accessing Netflix. In fact, a ton of VPNs have given up--like CactusVPN and HideIPVPN.

So if your VPN doesn't work with Netflix, how can you find content? 

Find different ways to consume content!

Well, as we listed already, there are a lot of streaming competitors that don't block VPN and Proxy as effectively as Netflix. With HBO Go, Amazon Video, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, you can find varying degrees of success.

Or if you don't want to pay money for subscriptions, you can still access content from torrent downloads available on popular torrent websites like or KickAssTorrents. The good things about these sites are that they've been through it all, and are still standing strong! Another good site is, where you can find a ton of shows to watch for free (make sure to use a VPN here too).

However, just because you can access content through torrent websites, doesn't mean that it's safe to do so. Don't forget the original reason that you are here! You want to watch content safely and conveniently, which means you need a VPN.

You can catch Game of Thrones, Daredevil, and plenty of other shows on these sites. Simply get a program like qBittorrent, launch a good VPN, and go crazy!

What is the best VPN for torrenting and using other streaming services?

TorGuard is one of the best VPNs for Netflix--still, even if things are getting more and more difficult with Netflix. However, they still work fantastic for services that aren't' putting as much effort into blocking IPs. It's also super fast for torrenting, and they don't collect logs.

Another excellent service is ExpressVPN. They provide high speeds, still work with Netflix, but they also work with all other streaming services and torrenting as well.

So if you want a VPN for everything, check out TorGuard or ExpressVPN. However, if things go south, and you can't access Netflix with these two VPNs anymore in the future, you will still be able to consume content the way you want to with our other recommend services and torrent websites.

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