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How to Hack Netflix and Bypass Geo-restrictions

If you're not in the United States, then you are most likely aware of the dreaded Netflix proxy error. This happens when Netflix detects an IP address that they have flagged as a proxy or VPN service.

Netflix doesn't want users accessing content outside of their region since they have strict deals on which content is available for each country that can access it.

Netflix expanded it's library worldwide in January, but at the same time, it started enforcing geo-restrictions so users can't access content outside of their region. Canadian users can't access United States Netflix shows and vice versa.

This had led many paying Netflix customers in varying countries to be discontent with their service. Depending on where a user is, their Netflix library can be severely restricted without much quality content to stream.

The only bad news is that a majority of VPN providers that use to allow Netflix streaming have now been blocked by the Netflix proxy error crusade. Hardly any VPNs work at all, and those that do are constantly blocked. However, there are still some that work.

We learned from this helpful article that TorGuard VPN is one of the best VPNs to get access to Netflix without a proxy error. TorGuard uses shared dedicated IP addresses as well as unique dedicated IP addresses to block the Netflix proxy error.

Here's how to hack Netflix and bypass geo-restrictions:


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