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How to increase or boost torrent download speed

How to increase or boost your torrent download speed more than 100% that means if you are currently getting 100kbps after given settings you can get around 200kbps means at least double but depends on your bandwidth cap. That means your download speed can reach up to your bandwidth cap. So guys read on...
Note: Download speed can ever exceed the bandwidth cap.

What you need for this hack?

1. Latest version of U torrent.
2. Some special settings on Utorrent.
3. Some smart tricks to get trackers.

Stepwise Tutorial How to increase or boost your
torrent speed upto 100%:

1. First of all download the Utorrent latest version. You can Google it to download as its a freeware. Its always preferable to download the installer from  their home website because if you download the installer from other website it might be consisting some additional toolbars or tracking freewares.

2. Now Install the Utorrent and Start it.

3. Now Go to options and do the following settings shown in the snapshots.

How to Increase torrent speed Pic 1

How to Increase torrent speed Pic 2

How to Increase torrent speed Pic 3

How to Increase torrent speed Pic 4

4. Now you setting part has been over. Now for getting good High speed torrents visit the website torrentz . com (remove spaces between . and com). Now suppose you want to download any torrent Choose the torrent which has maximum peers and have minimum leechers.

Peer means : The particular torrent exist on that many systems.
Leecher : It means particular number of people are downloading the following torrent.

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