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Truth about Cell Phone Spying via Bluetooth

bluetooth hacking
Lately, many sites have popped up selling an amazing sounding product –bluetooth hacking softwares! Wouldn’t it be awesome to hack anyone’s mobile phones so that you can read their text messages, address book, dialed numbers, received calls, and even their photos and videos? Many sites are saying you can, and people are paying $5 to $100 for it.
The truth is that not only is this software freely available, but it’s highly misleading on what it can actually do. I’ve taken the liberty to fully investigate and reveal the truth about bluetooth hacking.

What is bluetooth?

If you have no idea what bluetooth is, it’s basically a data transfer technology that is in almost all new phones. You will probably recognize it as the brain behind the wireless headsets in people’s ears. Essentially what bluetooth does is allow two bluetooth capable devices to communicate with each other, and the idea is that this hacking software can reach into any bluetooth phone and freely pull it’s data.

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What’s the catch?

While yes this software can actually retrieve data from a bluetooth phone – there is a catch. To connect to any bluetooth phone, the phone not only needs to have bluetooth turned on, but the other phone must accept a pairing request. A pairing request involves 1 phone to enter a passkey, and the other phone must enter the same key. Currently, there is no software that can by pass this, which makes the idea of hacking any ones cellphone a fantasy. On the other hand, there is some use to this software. If you have access to two bluetooth capable phones and how to pair them together, you can set the phones to automatically pair in the future. Then as long as bluetooth is turned on on each phone, you can use software on 1 of the phones to access information on the other phone. The range on bluetooth is around 32 feet or you will not be able to pair the devices.

Get it for free

To install the software, your phone must support Java (most phones do) and you will also need to to be able to download the software file to your phone to install it.
Super Bluetooth Hack v1.8 is available for free below: 
- changing time/alarms
- read messages
- read contacts
- change profile
- play ringtones even if phone is on silent
- play music/songs
- restart the phone
- switch off the phone
- restore factory settings
- change ringing volume
- And best of all, make calls from the target phone
Minimal requirements :
-MIDP 2.0
-CLDC 1.0
-JSR-82 Bluetooth
Languages in 1.08(Supplier)

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