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Use your Android Phone as a Wireless Web Camera

If you own a Computer and lack a Webcam but at same time you own a Mobile phone then you are not lacking anything at all! While moving around the Google Play, We found an interesting and free Android app which could help anyone having Android Phone, with camera sure! as this app can transform a mobile into a Webcam which can be connected to the computer.
IP Webcam

Yes, IP Webcam is a Free App available on Google Play. This app turn your mobile phone into a Wireless Webcam. IP Webcam supports Windows,Linux and Mac OS platform. You can use your Mobile Phone as a Webcam over Wi-fi network or on a regular computer connected to the Internet.
Currently IP Webcam doesn’t supports USB connection, it supports Wi-fi or Mobile Internet connection. You can use either front or rear camera.

You can use this mobile to watch live stream in VLC Player.

You can download this APP from here.

Here is the Guide on How to use IP Webcam:

1. Download IP Webcam from the link provided above for free
2. Install APP in your mobile and grant it required permissions
3. Open the APP and setup it correctly
4. Now Select Connect with PC and choose either Wi-fi or Mobile Internet
5. To watch Live Stream Enter the IP address provided in the APP in any Web Browser or VLC Media Player
6. Drivers of it will be installed automatically


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