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Some email providers provide a Notes function which let you maintain a list of notes. Notes can be anything from Web site links to random thoughts or some reminder. Gmail doesn't offer this feature, but you can implement this feature by using some of its other features. Here are steps to set up a very nice, easy to maintain group of notes...
fake gmail login page
1). Create a Contact with a Name of Notes and an Email Address of Here username is your username of Gmail and notes is this contach name.

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2). Create a new Label named Notes.
3).Create a Filter to add any email addressed to to the Notes Label .
4). Check the Skip the Inbox (Archive it) checkbox.
Its done.

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Now whenever you email yourself from an email account other than your own Gmail account, address the email to, then the message arrives in your Gmail account, it will automatically be archived into your Notes Label view, bypassing the Inbox.
So You will have all important web links updates etc at one place in easy and organized manner.

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