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How to send .exe file in Gmail

90 % of all Email Services, Gmail is used. Sometime you get frustrated when you have to send exe, dll, ocs, com or bat file in Gmail because Gmail doesn’t allow you send file with those extensions. In that case you switch yourself to other email service provider like yahoo which allows such extensions. In case of Gmail,  it doesn’t allows you with giving an error “It is an executable file”

Now Ill tell you some trick through which you can send or attach any type of file in you Gmail.

Open your My computer or explorer window.On the top menu beside file,edit and view,you can find tools.Now go to folder options in it.A window will pop up.

In the window click on the view tab.Now find Hide extensions for known file types and uncheck it.Now click Ok

Go to the .exe file or some other file which is to be sent over the Gmail.

Now change the file extension of the file to other extensions which Gmail allows like .jpeg or .GIF [For e.g If the file hdd.exe is to be sent,rename it to hdd.jpeg] and send the file.If you have a large file,do the above steps and then Zip it.You cant send just by zipping , as gmail scans extensions in zip files also.

At the recievers end,after downloading the file,ask them to get it renamed again to the original file extension.

Apart from this,you can send the .exe files without renaming by just using Winrar.Gmail doesnt scan files in the rar files.If the sender and reciever has winrar,Just rar the file and send it.No renaming and all

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  1. Good News!

    I just found a very easy method to send .exe files though Gmail.

    It is very easy. For example just rename the file .exe to .doc and send it. That it is!

    And tell receiver to rename back it to .exe.

    I hope it would work to all my friends.




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