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Lock ID Yahoo Messenger: How to Unlock Locked yahoo ID

yahoo messenger tricksLock ID means that your ID of Yahoo Messenger cannot be used anymore caused by someone who lock your ID. When you ID got locked, you will never be able to join or login to yahoo messenger. It mean, when you try to type your ID and type your password in chat client such as official chat client of yahoo messenger the error message will arise. Usually the error told that your PASSWORD or username is incorrect.

You are being in chat rooms. Than suddenly, your got disconnected. When you try to login with your password and ID, the error that I told above appear. It may be you got locked. Lock ID work to lock you ID or username because you have a weak password, so whit a little iterations your password got locked. However, you will never got locked if you never online or login to yahoo messenger. Lock ID usually working if you are online.

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How to unlock your ID if you got locked? You can find or search the software or tool to unlock your password again. However, if the ID or username not online, it usually the software not working that mean the unlocking doesn’t work.

For that reason, I will not share or give a link of download unlock ID software because, I am not guarantee the software work well. The best attempt to unlock your ID is, try to login not by yahoo messenger, but by mail of yahoo which has a same user name and password that been locked. Sometime, this step worked, but make sure after your login to yahoo mail and success, you have to change your password with new password, and then you can login to yahoo messenger with new password that you just been created. If you try to send a complain to the contact of yahoo messenger, It will useless. Yahoo doesn’t care what happen to your if you go locked.

To protect your ID or to prevent Lock ID, you must have a strong password. I will suggest you to not chat with your primary email in yahoo messenger. Sometime yahoo makes a prohibition to some of ID. This mean your ID can be banned by yahoo and your ID never be join to yahoo messenger or yahoo email again.

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To create a strong password you must use all character who listed in your keyboard. Such as uppercase, number, and symbol. You must be create password which have not less 8 character or more. Here I give you an example a strong password: H4rP3 ^&* (with 3 space on it). To make a better password work well, you have to change your password frequently: 3 week or 3 month, depending how strong and important your password is.

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