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Increase your Download speed

How to increase download speed , how to surf fast are the question raised by internet users who are having less downloading speed, they can increase internet speed ...
Hack Your Modem and Increase Your Download Speed and Browsing Speed to hack modem,how to speed up internet...
just follow the below procedure...

Hack Your Modem and Increase Your Download Speed from 64Kbps to any Speed You Wish
Most of us will be feeling that the surfing speed which is allocated by our ISP is not enough. Guys having 64Kbps thinks 128Kbps will be nice speed. Guys with 128Kbps thinks 256Kbps will be nice and there is no stop for our greediness

This tutorial will teach you how to increase your 64Kbps link to 512Kbps or what ever speed you like.

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It is very much possible to do this. With a bit of luck if your Cable Internet Service Provider are very uneducated on how this very new technology works and leave some key loopholes open for you to grab vital information on how to accomplish this task. But this tutorial will no guarantee you 100% success.

Lets start i ll explain here to complete ur re-configring your SB-5100, SB-4100 or SB-3100 cable modems

Theory of cable modem working

All the cable modems when it boots up it will search for an "Image file" where in all configuration like your upload speed limit and download speed limit is defined. This "Image file" is stored in ISP TFTP's server. Modem will be pre-configured with the ISP TFTP's server IP -address and the Image file name to be downloaded. When the modem boots up it query TFTP's server and download Image file from TFTP's server according to this this our speed limits will be set.

Our Mission
Obtain this required image file from ISP`s TFTP's server, reconfigure it according to our need and force our modem to download this file from our Computer rather than downloading it from our ISP`s TFTP server.

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Steps to accomplish

1). Obtain cable modems MAC address
2). Obtain your ISP TFTP's server IP- address
3). obtain name and path of the "configuration file" or Image file stored in the ISP TFTP's server.
4). Download Image file from ISP TFTP's server.
5). Decrypt the Image file which you downloaded from ISP TFTP's server
6). Modify the Image file
7). Encrypt the modified Image file
Cool. Modify ur computer's TCP's config same as ISP TFTP.s server (i.e. IP -address same as ISP TFTP's server)
9). Hostt TFTP's server in your computer
10). Put Image file in the base directory of your TFTP
11). Restart your modem
12). Changer your PC's IP back as given by ISP
13). lol its done surf with a great speed now


  1. i dont clearly to do to edit etc...please explain futher...

  2. I dont know how to do this things as you mentioned? I didn't understand it please clear it.

  3. i can't understand clearly.could you explain step by step with how to obtain mac address etc.......

  4. please please elaborate your steps..i know its asking too much ofyou but believe me its greek to all of us ...



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