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How To hack Flash Games : Awesome Trick

how to hack flash games
For any want-to-be Coder, hacking Flash Games is a good place to start.
Whether it be a Speed hack, or getting infinite life, it will probably be able to get you there.

1. Download Cheat Engine
Cheat Engine will allow you to find values and change them, which will be explained later
The current version is 5.5, so download that.

2. Find a flash game you want to hack.
For today, I'm going to hack, Endless Zombie Rampage and this one is for a test.

3. Start the game.
Now, it's recommended to pause the game, for a bit.
Most Flash Games will have a pause button on the "P" key, so press that and the game will most likely pause.

4. Open up Cheat Engine.
If you want to follow their tutorial, go ahead.
If you just want to continue, find the Computer Icon at the Top Left Corner.
It will be flashing green and red repeatedly.

5. Select the Process.
Now, to select the thing you want to hack, you have to select the process.
That's just a fancy name for program.
Scroll down, and you'll probably find your browser.
For Internet Explorer, it'll be something like iexplorer.exe
For Firefox, it'll be something like firefox.exe
I currently do not know the process name for Google Chrome or Safari, but just remember that the process name is similar to the browser name.

6. Once you've done that, go back to the game, we'll start with an unlimited ammo hack.
Look at the amount of ammo you currently have.
For Endless Zombie Rampage, you will start with 10 Ammo.
For flash games, all the values (10 in this example) must be multiplied by 8.
If the Value is large (Like 35273) feel free to use a calculator, built into the computer.

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7. Search for your value.
For us, it'll be "80"

8. Most likely, a BUNCH of values will pop up, and changing all of them is annoying, and dangerous.

9. Unpause the game, and fire one bullet.
That will change the value to "72"

10. Enter "72" as the value and press "Next Scan"
That will search for a value of 72, within the values you already got.

11. If you end up with less than 20 values, double click all of them.

12. That will bring it to the bottom section.
Now click on the value of each one, and set it to a value you want.
For example, I'll choose "7200" for each one, and the gun will have 900 Bullets.

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13. Freezing
You might also notice the 'Freeze Value" button.
What that does is "freeze" the value, meaning it can't change until you unfreeze it.
That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your situation.
If I froze the values at 7200, the gun will have 900 Bullets, and will never turn to 899, or 901, even if I fired or reloaded.

14. Enjoy your hacks!
For other things like health, do the exact same things as I showed you.
Like, Record Health once, get hit, search for the next value

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