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Want to play snake game in Youtube

Many might not be knowing about the trick i am going to tell.

YouTube is one of the biggest things in new media entertainment, and Snake is one of the oldest computer games to still be played by millions of folks around the world. The longevity and popularity of the deceptively simple game can be attributed to Nokia including it on their mobile phone ranges from the late 1990′s. It was so popular that even in this age of the iPhone you can almost guarantee finding someone on the train playing Snake on their mobile.

There is a hidden snake game in youtube .Now where the game is and how to play it.The trick is very simple.

You play Snake by directing a snake around the screen to chase dots while at the same time the snake itself grows longer. The game is over when the snake head crashes either into itself or a wall. Sounds simple, but proves difficult and it’s very addictive. But how do you play it on YouTube?

  • When the video is streaming in youtube press left button of mouse and press up arrow key.
  • Now the streaming circle will start to move like snake. Play this game with arrow keys.

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