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How to Play Games on Kodi


Are you looking to play some great classic games on your Kodi? Do you need help running an emulator to play rom files? With Rom Collection Browser, you can easily play your favorite old school games on Kodi.

However, to play games with the Rom Collection Browser, you will first need some roms. You can find these roms by searching google with the term “roms.” You will find plenty of links here to download files.

Then you need to make sure they are on the device that you will be using the Rom Collection Browser. With Rom Collection Browser, you can browse, launch, and view emulator roms and standalone games in Kodi.

If you are using an Android box, you need to transfer the rom files over to the box from your computer.
Here are a few possible ways to transfer rom files over to a Kodi box via methods like FTP. Or you can just install Kodi on your computer, and connect your computer to your TV and do it that way. Also, you can transfer rom files over from a USB drive into the Kodi box.

Now that you know how to get roms onto your Kodi system, you still need to install Rom Collection Browser. Here’s how to install Rom Collection Browser:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Choose Install from repository  / Get add-ons
  • Then go to Kodi add-on repository
  • From here go to Program then Add-ons
  • Choose Rom Collection Browser
  • Pick Install

That’s it! Once you get this installed, launch the Rom Collection Browser to start playing games!

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