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Did PureVPN Get Hacked?

Here at HackDonor, we love to cover hacks--but we never expected to cover a story that just feels so ironic. This is the tale of a VPN gone rogue.

If you don't know what a VPN is, it's a virtual private network. Users around the world pay money to companies called VPN providers that host their services which encrypt their internet traffic. These VPN companies charge from $4 a month to as high as $15 a month (or higher!).

There are a TON of VPN companies--and the space just feels like it's getting a bit crowded with so many crappy VPN services. Some VPNs log your traffic, some free VPN's turn your computer into a botnet--the list goes on! In some ways, diving into the VPN pool feels dangerous, when in fact, it should feel safe since the goal of a VPN is to protect your internet privacy. Check out this new subreddit that aims to put forth a free space to discuss VPNs without mod censorship.

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Back to what we found so ironic. Turns out that one of the most popular VPN providers, PureVPN, got hacked this week. Someone uploaded a corrupted document to their blog that users could download. This document was obfuscated, and it contained password stealing trojans.

Potential users who downloaded this file were at risk for having their password stolen. As we found out here, AirVPN user Zhang888 contacted PureVPN for an answer on the hack, but the chat rep wasn't exactly what I'd call helpful.

In fact, it seems like PureVPN is trying just to cover the whole thing up. Should a VPN company, a company that designs software for internet security be on top of things more? I should think so. Here's a video of a user finding and evaluating the file:

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