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How to Share Your Screen with Facebook Friends

It may be you have shared your computer screen with a friend before by using different apps and methods. But have you ever needed to share your computer screen with a Facebook friend, or vice versa? If you never shared your screen with a friend and wish to share then follow below mentioned tips and tricks to share your computer screen with your facebook friend.

There’s a very interesting and new Facebook app that makes it easy for the users of Windows and Mac OS X (10.6+) to do so. The name of this screen sharing app is Deskhop.

No doubt, there are several of third-party applications, extensions and computer tricks are available that can do the same thing, but Deskhop app connects very quickly with other friend’s screen and works with your Facebook account.
How to Share Your Screen with a Facebook Friend Using Deskhop

(1) Firstly, log-in to your facebook account and then click here to go on Deskhop app page.

(2) Now click on the “Go to App” blue button. A new window will appear, here you will have to agree to their Privacy Policy and EULA, and the option of “Email me from time to time about deskhop”. After agreeing the both option click on “Start deskhopping” button.
Note: Your friends (friends along with you want to share your screen) will have to do this as well, if they haven’t used Deskhop app before.

(3) Its time to choose friend to share your screen, or vice versa. You can find by browsing via your friends list or searching for special friend by name. Here you can also see that your selected friend is online or not.
choose friend to share your screen
(4) Now you’ll have to decide with whom you want to share your computer screen or see your friend’s computer screen. When you will select a friend you both will get the option to share control of the computer. If you will choose “control their screen” then your friend will get a Facebook request from you, which they’ll have to accept and grant you to access their computer screen. 
(5) After choosing the control screen, you both will be asked to download the Deskhop program to your computer. This Deskhop program allows your computers to connect automatically (Don’t worry this is a completely safe program) with each other.
When you will finish the use of Deskhop program, it will be automatically removed (deleted) from your computer and your friend’s computer too. It means you have to download it again and again whenever you will wish to share your screen with a friend.

(6) When you will open the program (which you have downloaded in above step) on your computer then you will see a window allowing you to know that it’s waiting for your friend to open the downloaded program on their computer.
Once your friend will open the program, Deskhop connects instantly and now you will be able to see your friend’s screen, or they can see your computer screen (it depends on which option you have chosen – “Share my screen” or “Control their screen” in step 4).

You are free to control each other’s screens as your requirement just by clicking within the preview window. If you wish to stop your screen sharing process then you can easily disconnect at any time. One thing must keep in your mind that once the program is closed, it will be automatically deleted from your computer and to connect again with a friend you will have to download the program again.

If you want to help any of your friends or take help from your friend then I will recommend you to use Deskhop app. The app works with your facebook account, so it will be more easily for you to use this app because all most people have facebook account.

Feel free to share your view with us about this super easy screen sharing Deskhop app. To know more tips and tricks, facebook tips and latest updates check out our Facebook Tips section here.

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