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How to enable Two-Factor authentication in Linkedin

I'm very glad to hear that Linkedin boosts the security with the Two-Factor authentication. Few days back, Twitter enabled the two-step verification to thwart hackers.

Are you searching for the guide to configure the 2-step authentication? You are at right place.  Here is the guide that will help you to configure the linkedin two-step verification.

Before getting into the actual steps, let me give you some additional security tips on how to step up your Linkedin security:

Using VPN with Linkedin is mandatory!

Using Linkedin can be a major privacy risk, especially if you're in an internet cafe, airport, or an unsecured Wi-Fi location. People at the airport can easily steal your Linkedin password. Not only that, but Linkedin tracks your IP address and can locate your real world location and habits to build an invasive user profile that agencies like the NSA use. 

Or if you aren't careful, someone might hack your connection and get into your Linkedin account. 

Virtual private networks are an easy way to protect your privacy online. Simply download the app, connect to it when you use the internet, and your internet use is encrypted. Great for torrenting, or even unlocking geo-restrictions--or protecting your Linkedin account!. 

Our favorite VPN to use is TorGuard. Use code "best10VPN" on checkout and click here to get a 25% discount. 

See a review here of TorGuard VPN. 

Here's where explain what 2-step auth is.

Two-Step Verification:
A security feature that prompts you to enter a temporary secret number sent to your phone whenever you log into your account.

Why you should enable this feature?
I believe this is best security feature.  Let us assume, someone has stolen your login credentials via keylogger or phishing or any other method.  If the hacker try to log into the website with your credentials, he will asked to provide the secret number sent to your mobile.  Fortunately, you have your mobile with you ;) .  So hacker can't log in to your account.  Also you will come to know that someone is trying to access your account.  
How to configure the Linkedin Two-factor authentication?

Login to your account and go to the settings page:

Step 2:
select the "Account" tab and click the " Manage security settings " option.

Step 3: 
Now Here , you can see the "Two-step verification for sign in " option and it displays the feature is currently "off".  To turn on the feature , simply click the "Turn on" link.

In next step, you will be asked to enter your phone number.

Step4 :

Once you enter the phone number, you will receive a security code.  After entering the security code sent to your mobile number, the feature will be turned on.  Hurrah, Now you are protected :)

Next time, when you try to log in, you will be asked to provide the secret code :)

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