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How to change Windows Logon Message

Step1:- Download Resource Hacker and Replacer tool.
Step2:- Open Resource Hacker and click on File > open.
Step3:- Choose C:windows\system32\logonui.exe
Step4:- Choose logonui.exe>String Table>1>1033
Step5:- change the word ‘Welcome’ to ‘Your Desired Name
Step6:- After Changing the Name,Compile the script by Compile script option.

Step7:- Save as the file at another location. Please ensure that it must not be the original location of logonui.exe (save it on your desktop)

Step8:- Now open Replacer tool
Step9:- Drag & Drop logonui.exe file from system32 in Replacer than press Enter Key
Step10:- Now Drag & Drop the Saved file which is on your Desktop on Replacer tool, than press enter
Step10:-Press y and reboot the System

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