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Secure Folder v7.4 Full Crack Free Download

Secure Folder v7.4 Full Crack
Secure Folder is an easy-to-use folder security software that lets you hide, lock and encrypt folders through an intuitive and simple interface. Secure Folder has been designed with the purpose to keep your files safe from prying eyes. It encrypts your data using 256-bit AES encryption and prevents it from being accessed, copied, moved or deleted.

Key Features:
  • Unlimited number of folders can be protected.
  • Simple fast and user friendly interface.
  • Implements 256-bit AES to encrypt files.
  • Effective password protection.
  • Password recovery by email.
  • Application Blocker - Restrict access to applications.
  • Privacy Sweep - Clear records of recently accessed files and remove junk data.
  • Troubleshoot System - Scan and fix system errors and restrictions applied by viruses.
  • Screen Capture - Easy to use screen capturing tool.
  • Start-Up Manager - Manages programs which run automatically on system start-up.
  • Compute Hash - Calculate MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 file hash.
  • Drive Manager - Manage drives on your system.
  • Power Switch - Automatically switch between power plans.
  • Website Blocker - Restrict access to websites.
  • Write Protect USB - Prevent copying files from your computer to removable disks.
  • Uninstalling will not uncover locked folders.
  • Safe mode protection.
  • Windows Explorer integration.
  • Supports Drag & Drop.
  • Automatic live updates.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

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