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Turn Any Website Into A 3D Game using Chrome

We all know how Google keeps giving us stuffs to enjoy. Like, “I am Feeling Lucky” search on Google’s Homepage and also the various Google Doodles.
Recently Google has just put out one of the more interesting experiments to date, for Chrome users.
This demo lets you turn any website into a 3D, playable game which you can control with the arrow keys on your PC, or using your smartphone.
It is called as the 3D “Maze” experiment.
To get started, you have to login to the site using Chrome on your desktop.
  1. Open the link –
  2. Click on Start. Just Skip the Intro, if you don’t want to go through it.
  3. If you wish to play the game using the PC only, then click on the link that say – “No smartphone? Play with PC only“, at the bottom of the website
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  4. If you wish to play the game using your smartphone, then you need to have Chrome browser installed in your smartphone. Now open the same link which you see on your PC, on your smartphone also.
  5. Now the website will ask you to search for something. You can type any website url here and press on Search.
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  6. In the results show, you will see the result of the website you searched. When you take the cursor on the result, you will see the Play button. Just click on Play.
  7. Now, the page will automatically transform into a 3D maze, using the graphics on the website. And it will also show instructions to play the game.

    virscent blog
  8. Just follow the instructions, and enjoy the Game. :)
Note: The site allows you to transform any website into a 3D maze. It actually tilts the website on its side, and then you use your phone like a game controller to roll a shiny, silver ball through what used to be the website’s graphics. Or else you can simply use the arrow keys on your PC.

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