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How to steal passwords using FUD Rapzo Keylogger

Rapzo Keylogger is one of the best keylogger to steal the data of your victim.

Note: You need to disable your Antivirus for the softwares to work.

Tools Required:
Rapzo Keylogger Download 
Simple Binder Download
  • First you need to Download the Rapzo Keylogger and Simple Binder.
  • Extract both the softwares, now go to Rapzo keylogger folder and create a keylogger using rapzo logger.exe
  • First Enable the Application and fill all the details like your email, pass..etc and test it(see screenshot)
  • Now go to Options on the top and check/tick Encrypt info, screen logger, stealers.
  • Now just click on Build Button thats it, your powerful keylogger is created.

How to make your keylogger file unsuspicious
  • Now Just Bind Your Keylogger File with the Image so that victim may not get any doubt.
  • Open Simple binder software and select your keylogger file and any Image file, save it with some name and click on bind button (see screenshot)
  • Done..when victim clicks on your binded keylogger an image will be displayed and keylogger gets installed.

Now if you scan your Binded keylogger file virus will be detected so you have to make your keylogger Undetectable by Antivirus.

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