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Browse and view Images in 3D using Chrome

“Ivan Kutil” has created an 3D web browsing extension for chrome that simply converts any website and image into 3D and can be viewed by you using any 3D glasses. 3Dnator! add another status bar and context menu option for converting any image on the web into 3D image.

you can install it using the following link.

So you can see the glasses icon in top left hand side corner that simply converts any website with lots of images into 3D when activated. There is still another option available that the right click context menu option that you can use on any image present on the web. You just right click on that image and that click on 3Dnator! option like in the image.

So obviously it’s a fun app to try out but you will need 3D glasses to view them in real 3D else they will look really blurry.

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