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Watch Youtube Age Restricted Videos Without Logging in (Simple Trick)

If you don’t have a Google account or if don’t want to log in to YouTube just for watching a video clip that has been flagged,here is a simple & cool trick


Below is the age restricted youtube video link have a look
If you want to watch this video without logging in to your youtube account its simple you have to edit the URL thats it see the Edited URL

We have to replace verify_age?next_url=/watch with V/ thats it..

you can watch any flagged youtube video enjoy..


This is the Flagged video link below

In the Above link the video ID is WQDiII8gi2E to watch this video without logging in,the URL will be

you can easily identify the video ID by copying the video Link Address and paste it in Notepad, the URL will something like this 

Hope you like this Trick,very simple and cool right?

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