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Install And Run Android 4.0 On Mac, Windows & Linux [Tutorial]

How To Install And Run Android 4.0 On Mac, Windows & Linux [Complete Tutorial]
Step 1: Install official Oracle VM VirtualBox Go Here & download the relevant VirtualBox binary for your computers operating system (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/Solaris)

Step 2: Find the saved location of the downloaded VirtualBox and install on your PC by following all screen prompts and instructions.

Step 3: Now Download a copy of Android v4 Ice Cream Sandwich it is of size 88MB so the download may take some time depending on your connection.

Step 4: Locate the downloaded ‘Android-v4.7z‘ file and extract the contents of it.

Step 5: Once the Android-v4.7z file has been opened, locate a file called ‘Android-v4.vbox‘ which can be directly opened in Virtualbox
Step 6: Double click on the Android-v4.vbox file which will load the VirtualBox application and boot up the ICS file.
Step 7: When the boot menu is presented in VirtualBox, press ‘start‘ on the top toolbar and then if required select the ‘Android Startup from /dev/sda‘ option.

Step 8:
All steps are complete. Android 4.0 ICS should now be booting up allowing you to enjoy that Android in your PC, It just look like a TABLET

Video Tutorial


  1. Bro Can We Run All Android Games Or App on PC By Using This..........

  2. How can we put some data to PC-Android ? through USB? please be surelet me know!



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