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Windows Customizing Tools

If you are not satisfied with your default dekstop and you find out that Operating System have no more features matching you increasing demand about Customization of dekstop. You might be wandering for Windows Customizing tools. So today will give you a list of tools.

Here is the list of the 5 most used customizing tools:


AutoHotKey is a FREE open-source scripting language for Windows. The beauty of AutoHotKey is that customizers can change their window transparency and make shortcuts for anything with the help of this language. There is a bit of learning curve to tackle if you are planning to make your own AHK scripts but non the less if you are new to programming and want to try out some coding then this is the best place!

Emerge Desktop

Emerge Desktop is a Windows Shell Replacement. It is pretty neat, I have tried it myself. It is definitely something you should try if you are really bored of Windows Explorer. A word of caution though, if you are running an old box with just a Gig of RAM that you better steer clear of Shell Replacements as they are a little resource heavy.


Rainmeter is a popular contender in the Desktop Customization Hive Five, helps people customize their Windows desktops well beyond the scope of the stock interface. How to web site How-To Geek shares a tutorial for using Rainmeter to layer inspirational quotes over your desktop wallpaper. Unlike using an image editor to add the text to the images the Rainmeter hack floats the text over the image so you can change your wallpaper without changing the quote and you can change the quote with a simple TXT file edit instead of firing up Photoshop.


Want to have MAC feeling on your Dekstop. Want to have organized software links and directories? RocketDock is free and Open Source tool which you can use.


Something similar to Rainmeter, Samurize is a “Desktop monitoring and enhancement tool”. Only things which you have to do it have a quick look on help files, tutorial etc about it.  After you know all about it. You will love to use this tool.

Well Friends, Get these tools today to Customize your dekstop.

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