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Find anyone profile id on facebook

This is simple facebook trick which let you know profile id of  any person who got custom id. So first get a look at your profile URLbefore and after getting custom id.

Before getting custom id:  (It will be numbers like 14272372213)

After getting custom id: (It will be a name)

Now as you can see in above example that before custom id person id can be easily obtained but after custom username you can see only his custom name and not numbers but to get his id just follow below steps.

Lets try this

This is my profile url as you can see custom usrname is mohan.pendyala

Now we Got username we have to put it in this url (in place of  username it will persons custom id)
So for me it will be
Now press enter and you will see something as below image.
So you got persons profile id which can be used for any reasons such as status update trick etc.

Visit this page to get custom username
This trick can even be used to get groups and pages ID.

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