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How To Control Your iPod/iPhone Through PC or MAC

Follow the steps below....

NOTE: Your Device Must Be Jailbroken.
1. First open CYDIA from your iPod/iPhone,search for VEENCY in cydia install it.

2. Now you have to Download and install any one of the Applications given below in your PC or MAC not in your iDevice

3. Now connect your Device to PC or MAC.Turn wifi ON in your Device
Go onto your iPhone and find your IP address

Settings>WiFi>Click the blue arrow (on your wireless network>Theres your ip address note it down.

4. open the Application(Runvnc Viewer) which you have downloaded from step 2 in your PC

5. Type your IP ADDRESS in server column and click OK shown in screenshot.
6.Now look at your iPod/iPhone Springboard a confirmation box will pop up, asking you to accept the connection, just click Accept.

Watch your PC screen you can control your iPod/iPhone through ur PC.


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