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How to Protect your PC from keyloggers

In my previous article i have explained how to detect or find keyloggers in your System or PC.  Today i will tell you how to protect your PC or system from these keyloggers. Keyloggers and key stroke monitoring tools are nowadays becoming a severe problem for internet users. keyloggers are that much common that you cannot trust any installer that it doesn't have keylogger in it.Well there is no manual way to get rid of Fully undetectable keyloggers but we can encrypt our keystrokes and make the keystroke logs encrypted so that hacker can never know what are the actual keys pressed. So first lets have some background information about keyloggers and how they works and then we will have solution to protect and secure our-self from getting infected.

As we all know new keyloggers are always FUD (fully undetectable) so our antivirus doesn't show any warning messages while infection. So the best method to protect yourself from keyloggers is that encrypt your key strokes by using key scramblers. What a keylogger does is that it monitors key strokes, so when we encrypt our key strokes, Hacker will still receive logs but that garbage as our keys are encrypted and hence he doesn't get anything and victim will remain safe from his keylogger.

Let's understand it with example. Suppose you have typed 

What key scrambler will do? It will Encrypt your each key pressed into some garbage code and keylogger will get this as something like:


So friends what scrambler has done is that it has encrypted your keystrokes and saved you from getting prey to hackers. Secure and protect yourself from keyloggers as you cannot avoid them what you can just do is fool them by encrypting your keystrokes.


  1. Thanks man, u r doing a great job

  2. This is safe right.??
    Because when i need to run it, the app ask for email n license no..But i must enter someone email instead of my email...plizz rply...thanks// :)



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