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Protect your Facebook account from hackers with MyPageKeeper

Facebook users can lean on a new app to help them fight spam and malware.
Designed by a team of students at the University of California at Riverside, MyPageKeeper is a free Facebook app that continually monitors wall posts and news feeds for malicious content. If the app suspects that any content may contain spam or malware, it alerts you and gives you the ability to remove it.

Beyond protecting your own Facebook account, it can also protect the accounts of friends who may get infected by viruses or hit by spam just by viewing your page.
Why should you use MyPageKeeper?

MyPageKeeper protects your Facebook profile and online reputation. Hackers, malicious individuals and even Facebook friends can unknowingly post malicious content on your wall. Visitors to your wall may get infected with viruses, may get scammed by phishing and spam campaigns. Using MyPageKeeper puts you in charge of what content can be allowed on your wall and news feed. You have the power to protect your friends visiting your profile from getting infected with malware.

What does MyPageKeeper do?

MyPageKeeper scans and monitors all content posted on your wall and news feed. It uses advanced techniques to identify whether a piece of content is malicious, spam or related to phishing. Continuous monitoring and the latest web-based malware detection technologies allows MyPageKeeper to protect your online persons on Facebook.

Do you have to pay anything for MyPageKeeper?

As with most things on the web, MyPageKeeper is FREE to use.

So get installed this app and be secure..

Here is the link to the app,

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