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Install Windows from USB or Pendrive

How to install any version of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2003, 2008) using Bootable USB stick or Pen Drive.

Until few years ago, such an operation required the use of the command prompt and it was quite complex. Fortunately, the open source community is always ready to offer solutions that simplify life for Windows users and it is one of those fans who have made freely available software that can prepare us for the USB Drive in few steps.

  • You need following things:
  • Windows DVD or it’s ISO Image
  • Virtual CD or any Optical drive emulation software
  • WinToFlash
  • USB Drive (minimum capacity = 4GB) or External hard disk
Click here to download WINFLASH

Steps to Install Windows 7 XP Vista from USB or Pendrive:
  • Before starting, it is assumed that you have inserted Windows DVD in Optical Drive or mounted Virtual DVD Image.
  • WinToFlash doesn’t require installation, Download the ZIP file and extract it. Execute WinToFlash.exe and go to Andvanced Mode tab.

  • After selecting the task you want to perform, In Windows Path, Browse the Path of Drive where Windows CD / DVD is located. It is generally the emulated drive or the real drive where DVD is inserted. Set the Path of USB where Pendrive is inserted and Press “Run” Button.
  • Here, Windows may warn you about Formatting USB stick so, continue with it and at the end of process, you will have Bootable USB stick of Windows.
  • Now, Enter BIOS and set First Bootable device as USB to start installing Windows which is exactly similar to how you did it using DVD.

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