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Top 13 Online Data Back-up and file sharing services

If you bother by attachment size limits during writing emails or simply you want to store your private files keep secrete somewhere on internet  rather then on your computer hard disk. we have  Top 10 Online data back and file sharing site that are absolutely Free and paid services that make it easy to host your private files.

This Online backup spaces can easily be accessed via web browser or dedicated programs (depending on your choice), whenever you go on travel without your laptop, you can have access to all of your files anywhere with just an Internet connection.


1)  Get access to your files and folder anywhere on an internet connection, During travel.

2) In case your Hard disk drive is physically damaged or corrupted .

3) Use file sharing for Large size file or attachment limits on emails.

4) Optional use of Pen Drive.


1. Dropbox: It will give you 2GB of free Online storages space for your files . Paying customers can get up to 100GB storage space. Dropbox is the best and most famous online data back-up service available these days on Internet.

For our friends, I also wanted to share a Trick to earn additional free space in Dropbox (for free):

You can earn additional free space by simply completing the quests on the Get Started tab or by referring your friends through the referral program. The quests on the Get Started tab are easy, take minutes, and earn 250MB upon completion. The referral program offers 250MB for every friend who joins Dropbox.

Alternatively, you can always upgrade your Dropbox to get more space.

2. it offers a great deal with some functions such as password protected file sharing ,and you can choose how long you want space your files to be available.

3. Adrive: Adrive offers amazing huge 1 Terabyte of data storage to paying customers with more extra features. FREE accounts get a 50GB of storage space online on some trial basis with desktop client utility for windows ,mac & linux.

4. Syncplicity: It’s Personal Edition For the individual user get 2GB of online space FREE . They have business options available as well for more users with more storage space.

5. Wuala: Its comes with amazing offers with Wuala you need to share part of you computer harddisk to store other people’s files and in exchange you can get store your files on their computers. with Wuala your all data encrypted and the files distributed accross mulitple computers.

6. MediaMax iDrive: It offers 2GB FREE online storages space with encryption is used during data transfers between MediaMax severs and your computer systems.

7. SpiderOak: Free 2GB of space Same offer gives you like MediaMax for your files , and it works with Mac OS X ,Linux and Windows platform computers.

8. Mozy: Mozy allow you to get 2GB FREE online backup storages and just like other services Paid option for larger storage space is available.

9. MyOherDrive: 2GB free online backup storages. It also allows file sharing through links.

10. Backupify: Free plan gives you 2GB of storage space but  It supports online backup of WordPress, Google docs, Picasa, Gmail, Flickr and many more features available.

11.ZumoDrive: Online backup storage space for your photos, music and documents. Zumodrive gives you 2GB of storage space for free.

12.SugarSync: The free 2GB of data storage online has some limitations but still good value for money

13.Fabrik: Currently only works in Windows as it needs you to download a backup client, but this will allow you to schedule backups. Frabrik gives you 2GB of online storage for free.


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