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Easily Share Large Files Directly Pc 2 Pc Without Uploading Anywhere

Easily Share Large Files Directly PC To PC Using Web Browser Without Uploading Anywhere
FilesOverMiles is a tool for direct file sharing, fast and secure way to send files over the Internet. No setup or sign up and the file transfers are not stored anywhere. It will appeal to many professionals who want to share files securely and efficiently.
Step 1 : Go to FilesOverMiles website. Click "Browse" and select the file to transfer.
step 2 : As soon as you select the file, the site will generate an unique URL which you have to share with the user to want to send the file can also protect your file with a password...
Step 3 (2nd User) : The PC on the receiving end of this file transfer must go this unique url which will show a download option from the file to be transferred PC to PC
Note : The transfer file will continue to be available for download until the web page on 1st user’s browser is closed.

This way you can securely transfer files of any size through one pc to another from your browser. No need to upload anywhere.

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