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Recover your system after virus attack with Re-Enable

Even after the virus is totally removed from the system, some users find it difficult to restore all those things back which were affected by the virus.  A virus usually when enters into a system disables the registry editor and task manager so that the user can not remove virus from the system.

Here is a free tool Re-Enable using which even a novice users can fix all the things which were disabled by the virus. An antivirus can remove the virus files but sometimes it may fail to restore the system settings. In such situations this tool can come handy.

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download re-enable
First download Re-Enable 2.0 from here. After downloading the file execute it. As you can see in the screenshot, this tool can be used to re-enable  registry editor, command prompt,task manager, folder options etc. Just select the tools you want to enable and click on the “Re-Enable” button.
You will require dot net 3.5 or higher version to run this software. Or if you don’t want to download .Net framework then you can try the portable version of this software.

Download Re-Enable V2 (freeware) (778 KB)

Download Re-Enable V2 portable (Freeware) (23 MB)

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