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Recover GMail, AOL, Yahoo or Windows Live Passwords

MessenPass is a free password cracking tool that will easily reveal passwords of your AOL, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, MSN or any other instant messenger clients.

Since most messengers (like Google Talk or Yahoo! Messenger) require the same username / password combination to login as the mail account, MessenPass can effectively be used to recover your (or someone else's) Google Account, AOL or Yahoo! Mail password.

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And it works like a charm. [I was absolutely shocked to see my GMail password on the screen the moment I ran this 47 kb utility]

MessenPass works only if you have selected the "Remember Password" setting while logging into your messenger program. It detects the Instant Messenger applications installed on your computer, decrypts the passwords they store, and displays all user name/password pairs in a text or Excel file.

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This may be a useful but quite dangerous tool as well - it's so small that it can run off your USB drive and requires no installation - imagine while you are on a trip to the pantry for a cup of coffee and anyone can access your login credentials by plugging in the USB drive.

The only work around is to deselect the "Remember password" while starting your IM client. MessenPass doesn't crack Skype or Hotmail passwords yet.

Download MessenPass [IM Password Recovery Software]

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