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How To Hide A File In My Computer : Simplest Way:

hide files and folders without software
The famous Hollywood Actress Halle Berry once said – Everybody has secrets and there are some things that nobody knows about you ! In relation to keeping secrets one of the biggest headaches of computer users is:

How do they hide their confidential and important files ? There are more than a thousand ways of hiding files and folders eg : using a software (folder lock) or creating a series of folders and sub-folders.

But have a look at the most simplest and effective way of hiding files :

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Steps to HIDE the file :
1. Say for example you have an important MS-Word file called “Accounts” which contains your important financial data and accounts.

2. goto Control Panel – Folder Options – goto View Tab

3. Uncheck the Option : “Hide Extensions for Known File Types” – this action will display the extensions of files in the computer.

4. Click Apply and OK

5. Now the file “Accounts” will be displayed as “Accounts.doc”

6.Rename the file from “Accounts.doc” to “accts.rrr”. You can give any filename and any extension instead of “.rrr” but ensure that the extension is not associated
with any other program.

7. The Computer will ask you for confirmation – Click Yes

8. The file icon will change.

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Steps to VIEW the file:
1. Open the program in which the file can be view, in the above example, open MS-Word

2. Drag the file to the Application (MS-Word) (as shown in the picture below)

3. Thats it – you can view it

CAUTION before using this technique : remember the filename and the location as-to-where have you stored the file. You can use this method with other file types also like : audio, video, presentation etc.

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