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Hack Twitter With Twitter Bot

Twitter is becoming an important marketing tool for online publishers and marketers. But it can be time consuming to keep your profile up to date and it often gets forgotten. I guess Everybody is waiting for a Solution. So Today I will give you a software which will automate all your twitter tasks.
Twitter Bot can do a lot of amazing things without any need of User Intervention thats why it is called a Bot. Why one should have this software? I would say checkout the functions of this software and you will get your answer.

1. Auto add followers: The twitter bot will add 500 new friends on a daily basis. Many of those follower may follow you in return.
2. Auto Unfollow those who are not following you: It will automatically unfollow those who are not following you.
3. Auto Follow those who follow you: You can return favor to your followers by following them and that by a click of a button
4. Follow Top 100 People from your Country: You can target users from a particular Country based on Time Zones
5. Auto Follow By Keyword Search: You can target user based on Specific Keywords.
6. Auto Update your status: You can update your status every X minutes and these Updates will be fetched from a Text File.
7. Auto reply: You can set a Message which will be replied automatically on arrival of a message.
8. Multiple accounts handling: You can handle multiple Accounts. Twitter Bot can handle all of them in the background doing all the functions.
9. Works with proxies or Real IP: The twitter bot can run behind proxies. You set a text file with a list of proxies in format IP:Port (ex. and the twitter bot will first check to see which of them are working, and then it will use the working ones to login to your accounts and do the functions that you neet it to do.
10. Extract and import your followers: You can extract the list of followers into XML or Text file.
11. Schedule Messages: You can schedule the Bot to Update your Twitter status on a Specified Date and Time.
12. Reply based on Keywords: You can set the Bot to reply based on the Keyword found in arrived Message.

After mentioning all these features I don’t need to say much about this Software. I would say just go and grab this software.
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