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Download Roboform – Free Online Password Manager

Roboform, one of the secure password managers has started it’s web based interface where users can sync passwords between multiple computers across the globe. Roboform password manager allows users to access website login details, passwords from any internet connected computer and it’s form-filler utility helps users to remember and auto-fill online forms. This is best for those users who use multiple computers and want to keep the password and other login information synchronized.

Roboform toolbar is a free online utility which works like a online password manager. All you have to do is simply sign up for a free account with RoboForm so that all your login details are stored safe somewhere apart from your computer. No one will be able to access your passwords without entering your Roboform login details. You can also add various other features by subscribing to the Roboform Pro version.
download roboform password manager

Setup Roboform password Manager to Sync Passwords Online
  1. Download Roboform from here
  2. Signup for a free Roboform online account here
  3. Navigate to Options >> User Data >> Sync and complete the setup process
  4. Once you have completed setup, Roboform will start synchronizing your login details, identities and safe notes with your online account
  5. You are done.

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