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Crack Windows Password Instantly

Have you ever tried to log into a Windows computer for a few minutes and you finally realize that you forgot the password?

There’s a way to crack the password and it doesn’t involve reformatting and reinstalling Windows.

The solution is called @stake LC4 (formerly L0phtCrack), however since Symantec stopped development of L0phtcrack, I’m going to let you in on a program called LC5.
Just like L0phtCrack, LC5 attacks your Windows machine with a combination of dictionary and brute force attacks.
LC5 can crack almost all common passwords in seconds. More advanced passwords with numbers and characters takes longer.

The main purpose of the LCP program is user account passwords auditing and recovery in Windows NT/2000/XP.
I haven’t tested it against Windows Vista yet, so I’m not sure if it will work. Your mileage may very either way.

How it works:
Windows NT, 2000 and XP passwords are stored as encrypted hashes. LC5 attacks these hashes with hundreds of passwords per minute.
Eventually the correct password will be sent and then displayed to the screen.

Good intentions:
  • System administrators can find weak passwords within minutes. Sys admins can then change the passwords to make them more secure.
  • LC5 can be used to access computers of users who forget passwords.
  • In companies, it can be used to access computers of employees who have left the company.
Bad intentions:
  • Hackers can use LC5 to sniff passwords over networks.
  • Hackers can install this application onto a primary domain controller and steal hundreds of passwords within minutes.
Please note that I am not the author of this software. Be advised that if you use this software, you do so at your own risk without any warranty.
Download LC5 (v5.04):

Software License: LCP is a freeware program. The program may be distributed under condition of saving all files contents and structure of installation package.

Instant Solution to Login To Windows
There is another solution that works instantly to remove all Windows Passwords.  It will Remove, Unlock and Bypass lost/forgotten passwords including Administrator for Windows Vista, 2000, 2003 XP and NT.

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  1. I just want to know, is this illegal to use? Does it depend on why you are using it?



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