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convert videos on Android phones without using computer

when it comes to Convert videos on Androids phones to any other extension using Windows, Linux / Mac, That is normal and well known, but how about converting videos to any other extension using only Android phone?

This Application called Android Video Converter for Android devices, you will not find competitors for this one Google play It converts any video in your phone to several extensions avi, vob, 3gp also it can convert video clips to audio, as a convert any video, depending on the processor speed of your phone as well as the live memory (RAM) it contains.

To download the program Open the Google store Apps and search for Video Converter Android you can also click here to download the software.

After downloading and installing the software it may ask you to download the appropriate Codec for phone so don’t hesitate in accepting demand and downloading. After completion of the install process, go to application icon and open the program, then browse your folders and search for videos that you want well convert to the extension you want.
After selecting the file via selecting it , scroll down a little to the bottom and look for the word Convert, where after clicking it a window will pop up containing 5 characteristics:

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