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Zoner Photo Studio Pro Include Serial Key Free Download

Zoner Photo Studio Pro Include Serial Key

New features in Zoner Photo Studio 15
  • Automatic backups of originals
  • New Import Module
  • Manager - Folder synchronization
  • Manager - new Quick Search tool in the Browser
  • Editor - new Quick Edits panel
  • Editor - new Tilt-shift tool
  • Editor - new Place Shape tool
  • Editor - settings for the Place tools now conveniently in the new Side Panel
  • Editor - Healing Brush - improved quality and speed
  • Filters - new Quick Filters
  • Filters - new Tilt-shift filter
  • Filters - Tone Mapping - new Contrast method
  • Filters - Enhance Exposure - new settings available
  • Filters - Enhance Colors - new Vibrance settin
  • Zonerama - now possible to edit Zonerama photos directly from ZPS
  • 3D images - added output options - MPO, JPS, and PNS, for e.g. 3D TV viewing
  • GPU acceleration - more cards supported, two more functions accelerated: Tone Mapping, Tilt-Shift Effect
  • Scanning - support for scanning over the WIA interface
  • Interface - now possible to hide title bar upon maximizing window
+ more interface improvements
+ more optimizations for multi-core processors

Back Up Your Originals,Synchronize Your Folders
Your Memories Are Always Safe
Digital photos have one great advantage over film—they’ll be here in full quality for future generations. But to make sure of that, you need to take good care of them.
Zoner Photo Studio 15 is here to make that easier. We bring you automatic backups to protect your originals during edits, and easy synchronization. Your collection will always be complete, up to date, and backed up.

Quick Edits Bar
You’ll Do Everyday Edits in Minutes
In Zoner Photo Studio 15 you always have your most-used tools right at hand. Thanks to the intuitive sliders in the Quick Edits pane, you’ll find it easy to set things up the way you need, and you'll see the results of your edits right away. When you really like what you see, you can save your Quick Edits for use on other photos later. Simple, easy, fast.

The New Import Window
Downloading Photos Is Child’s Play
Just hook up your camera, and Zoner Photo Studio will find new photos, store them safely, and sort them into folders. Once you've got the import settings you want, you never have to worry about them again. And your favorite photo manager will always make sure your photo collection is up to date.

Tilt-shift Effect
A New Way to Get Creative
Want some can't-miss pictures? We've helped you create them before with Tone Mapping, Panoramas, and 3D photos, and now we have yet another trendy new effect. The Tilt-shift effect makes objects in your photo look like miniatures. Forget about expensive tilt-shift lenses once and for all. Now all it takes is an ordinary photo and Zoner Photo Studio 15.

On-line Photo Editing
Now Edit Gallery Pics Straight from the Program
Since version 14, Zoner Photo Studio has been integrated with the Zonerama online gallery, where tens of thousands of users are already sharing photos with their friends. Now you can also edit your Zonerama photos straight from inside Zoner Photo Studio.

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