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Find IP of your Friend’s Computer – Etherape Tutorial

HELLO Everyone…..Today we will learn how to find out the IP address of your friend while chatting on Social Networking websites.

I will be using GMAIL to demonstrate…

First let’s clear some concepts. When we simply chat with our friends via chat box, our message 1st goes to gmail server then it is forwarded to us or to our friend who is on chat. But when we are on a Video chat or a Voice chat then we get connected directly to the friend’s computer. Now, in text chat,our system is connected to Gmail server, thus if we try to find out the ip then we will get gmail sever IP, on the other hand, when we are on a Voice or Video chat then our system is connected to friends computer, so we will get our Friends computer IP.

Now let’s do it practically

  • Fire up your BACKTRACK machine. (Download Here)
  • Download googletalk plugin from google, you will get a package by name "google-talkplugin_current_i386.deb"
Execute this file by the following command:-

dpkg –i google-talkplugin_current_i386.deb
  • Now goto your command prompt & type "etherape"(without quotes)
  • goto CAPTURE ….& over there select your interface(network card)
Login into your gmail account & start your video or voice chat & switch on to etherape window to check out the IP of your friend…(if you are on a text chat then you will see Gmail server IP address)

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