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Make Facebook Account Like Google+ With Circle Hack

Google+ introduced the concept of using circles to organise friends.Now a new facebook application called Circle Hack has tried to copy this feature.It provides graphical interface like google+ circles with the Drag and drop feature.But the functionality provided by circle hack is limited as compared to Google+.In google+ you can control who can see your update using the circles but in facebook this function cannot be performed by Circle hack instead you have to Control these settings from Privacy settings.

So, this Circle hack is nothing more than a convenient way to organise your friends in facebook groups.

How To Use Facebook Circle Hack?

  • Login into your Facebook Account
  • Now Open Facebook Circle Hack.
  • Click on the Login Button.It will ask you to grant permissions.
  • After Granting permission by click on Allow button you can see all your friends in the upper half of screen and circles at the bottom half.
  • Now you can create new groups by clicking on the Create List in the first circle.
  • After creating a group Drag and drop your friends from the upper half of the screen to circles.

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