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Remove AntiVirGear/AntiVir Gear virus/adware

AntiVIrGear or AntiVir Gear is a adware+spyware program which pretends to be an Anti Spyware Software but actually the program itself is a Spyware. It gets installed in your PC automatically via some trojan or virus.
There is one free and easy to use tool available to remove AntiVirGear from your computer.It’s SmitFraudFix.exe. The download link for this tool is available at the end of this article. To use this tool first boot your PC in safe mode. Then run the SmitFraudFix.exe.When it comes to menu screen select the second option.
clean virus from pc

When the AntiVirGear is removed from your computer a disk cleanup process will start. It will clean all temp files and other unnecessary crap. Once the disk cleanup is finished it will ask you whether you want to clean registry or not. Press Y and hit enter. After that your computer will reboot. When rebooted your computer will be free from AntiVirGear.

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